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The URL below is a direct link to the current view of the map. You can use this in your web page, blog, bookmarks, email, etc. For more information see the instructions below.

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Info & Instructions

Virtual Te Awamutu is an interactive feature that allows you to visit our town and move around through 360° panoramas.
Note: If you're looking for a simple street map without Street View, see the Google Street map of Te Awamutu.

Street View

Street View PanelThe upper panel shows an interactive panoramic image (AKA "pano"). By default it uses images from Google Street View but custom panos are also available (see below).


Custom Panoramas

Custom PanoIn addition to the standard Google Street View, you can visit additional panoramas exclusive to Virtual Te Awamutu. These panoramas are not part of the Street View system—they can only be seen by clicking markers in the map.

Panorama marker In the map, look for red marker icons like the one pictured here. Hold your mouse over the marker to identify it (a tooltip will pop up). Click the marker to see the panorama.


Using the Map

The map is a fairly standard Google Map with controls to pan and zoom. You can also click and drag the map to move around, and double-click to zoom. The map is usually synchronised with the street view image so you can see where you are.

Navigation Controls

Pan & Zoom Controls

Tip: You can also double-click the map to zoom, and click and drag the map to move.


The Pegman

Near the middle of the map you'll see an icon like the one pictured left, known as a Pegman icon. The Pegman represents "you" and it shows your current location in Street View. The green circle turns into a pointer as you rotate, showing the direction you're facing.

You can drag and drop the Pegman to jump to different places on the map. As you drag, notice the "X" that appears underneath the Pegman—this shows exactly where you will land. You can only land on streets that are in the Google database—to see which locations are available turn on the Street View Overlay (see below). If you move to a location that is not available, an error message appears above the Street View panel.

Reset Pegman

If you happen to lose the Pegman, click this icon (below the zoom control) to place the Pegman in the centre of the map.

Menu Options


This button opens and closes the directory, which includes a list of pre-programmed locations you can jump directly to. Simply browse the folders and click a location to go there.


Overlays add additional content to the map.

Create Link

You can create a custom link to any location in Virtual Te Awamutu. For example, you might like to post a link in your website to help people find your home or business.

  1. Find the location in Virtual Te Awamutu. Set everything up in the map and street view exactly as you want to show it to other people.
  2. Click the Create Link button.
  3. Select the URL provided (click and drag your mouse across the URL), then copy & paste it into the HTML code of your website or blog.
  4. You can also paste the URL into an email, instant message, etc. To bookmark the map for future reference, paste it into your browser's address bar and hit Enter, then select Add to Bookmarks.



The GoogleBar is located at the bottom left corner of the map. Click the search icon to open the search form. You can search for street addresses, places, business names, etc.

Note: The search form will only show businesses and locations that are listed in Google's database or www.finda.co.nz.

Additional Notes