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Important Notice: Since the launch of Google Street View for New Zealand in 2008, this version of the virtual town has become obsolete. It will stay here for the sake of historical interest but it should no longer be used as a current map. See the latest version (using Google) here.

About Virtual Te Awamutu

Virtual Te Awamutu was launched in 2000. The project was based around an interactive map which you could use to navigate around our town, with photos and 360° panoramas providing an early version of "street view". It also included a directory, simple games and other features.

Originally, an enhanced version of Virtual Te Awamutu was available on CD. This is now a collector's item, so if you have one, look after it! You have our permission to make backup copies and distribute them freely.

File Sizes
The initial download is 270KB and each new location may be anywhere between 40 and 150KB.

CD-Only Features
Some features are identified with a CD icon — these are only available on the CD version (in other words, no longer available unless you happen to have purchased the CD previously).

* Requires Flash 6 or higher.