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Virtual Te Awamutu

Virtual Te Awamutu is a way to visit and move around our town, using an interactive map and 360° panoramas.

Virtual Town 2.0 (Google Street View)
Virtual Te Awamutu 2.0
Launched in January 2009, this version uses Google Maps and Google Street View enhanced with customized locations and additional 360° panoramas.
Unfortunately much of the imagery provided by Google is poor quality, and some locations are not available. We plan to add more custom locations to help fill the gaps.
Virtual Town 1.0
Virtual Te Awamutu 1.0
This version was constructed between 2000 and 2002, and was available in both online and CD versions. It was an innovative project that got a lot of positive press, but was ultimately made obsolete by Google Street View.
The last version in this series was v1.2 (October 2002). Although it is obviously outdated, it is still interesting as a historical record.