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Management History of the Regent Theatre

1932 Controlled by Te Awamutu Picture Corporation Ltd, Nov 1932 – mid 1967. Sydney Tombs Managing Director, Nov 1932 – 1941. Maurice (Morrie) Tombs Manager (former Hamilton Theatre Manager) officially appointed Manager November 1932 – 1937. Theatre opened March 1932. Capital expenditure £8664.4.0

1933 The Corporation leased the Empire Theatre, November 1933 – November 1943. Mr. Foster to manage and control the Empire at £6pw, November 1933 – beginning 1934. (Mr Foster was the current manager of the Empire and was supposed to be engaged for at least 6 months.) [Installed fan ventilation at £110.5.7and heating appliance at £330.2.0.]

1934 Morrie Tombs salary increased by £1 per week making it £5. Beginning 1934 – 1937 William (Bill) P Tombs was the Manager of the Empire at 35/-pw (£2.10.0 in 1935). The Empire Theatre closes 3 nights pw. [Installed Regent Neon sign.]

1937 September Morrie Tombs resigned. Bill Tombs Manager Regent from 9/9/37 – 1942 starting at £6pw. Jack Ansell Manager Empire Theatre Oct 1937 – November 1943 starting at £4.10.0 (£5.10.0 in 1938). [Lobby added also new Gents toilet and Ice Cream Booth tender accepted at £1065.] {1941 Morrie Tombs Controlled Regent, Royal and Roxy Theatres in Hamilton 1941 – 1947.}

1942 (July) Bill Tombs called up for service. Jack Ansell Manager Regent October 1942 – 1945 starting at £6.10.0pw. (Jack Ansell managed both theatres Oct 1942 – Nov 1943).

1943 [Installed Western Electric Mirrophonic Sound System in October. Mirrophonic equipment and lenses £500]

1945 J. Ansell resigned September and Bill Tombs became manager again at £9pw until 1956.

1953 Manager’s wage £800pa from June.

1955 Manager’s wage £19pw from 1/10/55.

1956 Morrie Tombs Managing Director 1956 – 1966. [Installed Cinemascope in July.]

1957 Bill died in August and Morrie Tombs appointed Manager again (subject to confirmation in 6 months from time of appointment) from 14/10/57 – 1966 starting at £1250pa plus £250 for entertainment and travelling expenses and a car. (No official manager for about 3 months?)

1958 October the appointment of the Manager be continued and to be reviewed mid 1959.

1960 September The Manager’s salary to be reduced to £1,000pa or as per the respective award whichever was the greater with it being conditional that the Manager live in Te Awamutu and no car provided. The Manager’s position was to be advertised on the assumption that Mr Tombs would terminate on 31/3/61.

1961 March Morrie Tombs reappointed as Manager at £1000pa plus £125 for film buying and no car. The term of reappointment commenced 1/4/61. May, the terms of reappointment were given to Mr Tombs and he was given a week to consider.

1963 August Miss Mavis Hall retired after 26 years of loyal and capable service.

1963/1964 [Major alterations to foyer and a new shop created at £5,550]

1965 July, investigate the possibility of employing Mr Tombs on a part-time basis. August, the matter of the Manager be left in abeyance until Mr Tombs receives his medical check in Hospital. [General discussion took place concerning the possibility of amalgamation of the two companies interests (Empire Theatre Co and the Picture Corp). It was resolved that a serious and genuine effort be made by both Companies to arrive at a basis of amalgamation.

1966 Mid 66 Morrie Tombs died. 1/7/66, John Cuncliffe appointed Manager/Operator on a monthly basis at £25pw plus a bonus on net profit before the bonus and after allowing the salary, as follows; 0 - £500, 25%, 500 – 1500, 10%, 1500 onwards, 2½%

1967 Controlled by Regent Theatre Co Ltd, purchasing assets from the Picture Corp at £1,000, from the second half of 1967 until February 1973. (January 1968, the Picture Corp was wound up.)

Circa 1968 Jim Wheatley became Manager.

1969 March, the Picture Corporation (on behalf of the Regent Theatre Co) and the Empire Theatre Co met for a method of signing film contracts and subsequent drawing of same to trialed from 31/3/70. Circa September 1969, Janet Anderton became Manager until January 1974.

1970 December, a sub-committee was set up to investigate the desirability or otherwise of continued screenings.

1971 An offer for lease of the theatre from Mr S Caldwell at a rental of $1,040pa was not accepted.

1972 An offer from M R Spiers and D Howe to lease the Theatre at $30pm from 9/2/73 for two years plus a right of renewal for a further 2 years was agreed to. [Lugton Land Ltd had valued the building at $53.000. December, a counter offer of a slightly increased rental was made and accepted. In the event of the lease of the Theatre not proceeding, screenings were to cease on 31/12/72 and the building be placed on the market.

1973 9/2/73, controlled by Waikato Amusements Ltd (Graeme Edwards and Moss Spiers) until 10/1/74- the lease was for two years with a right of renewal for a further 2 years.

1974 onwards controlled by Victory Enterprises Ltd commencing 11/1/74. Manager Allan Webb. March, Mr T A Sambrook wrote advising he was interested in obtaining the lease of the Theatre. June, The Company consented to the assignment of the lease.

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