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History of the Regent Theatre: 1997

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The beginning of the year gave us a few films that produced some quite good figures such as Fly Away Home but the NZ film Frighteners, Dragonheart, Daylight and 101 Dalmatians were not as good as expected.

The First Wives Club was not day and date but did good business and the Australian film Shine came along day and date and did surprisingly well with good morning shows, running for ten weeks.

Jerry Maguire did quite well, too.

The Star Wars trilogy came out and each title played for two weeks but the results were very disappointing here. The bigger situations did very well with these films.

The first school holidays were down, with Dante's Peak being the best film at the box office.

Jurassic Park II The Lost World came in for mid term break and with Liar Liar, business was pretty good.

September had some poor weeks but Men In Black helped the September school holidays.

An English comedy, The Full Monty, performed well from October and ran for twelve weeks when we were asked to take it off for another Theatre even though it was still doing good business.

The Pre Xmas slump wasn't too bad although there were a couple of bad weeks with 270 and 370 admits.

At the end of 1997 and for the next six months the biggest film ever to screen at Te Awamutu up until that stage, played to enormous figures to end up with a magnificent total of around $50,000. The film was Titanic. Although this film did not attain as many admissions as Crocodile Dundee or The Lion King, the box office was greater than Crocodile Dundee due to the increase in prices over the time. Titanic had mainly adult admissions whereas The Lion King mainly had children. It was indeed a bumper year and up to 2001 it had not been duplicated although the predictions for the end of 2001 and the beginning of the next year indicate that history could be repeated with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

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