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History of the Regent Theatre: 1996

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We had the latest 007 film, Golden Eye and an unknown film about a pig called Babe that talked. Babe started off with a very poor weekend of previews and ended up being one of the longest running films ever to screen at this theatre. It just kept going on and on and lasted six months. We had a gap from Boxing Day and put in a tough adult show called Seven and it did quite good business so the holidays were good and February held well too.

At the end of March we were given a day and date release of a doubtful film for Te Awamutu, Mortal Combat and it surprisingly took off.

The April school holidays were quite good with Babe still playing to good houses and Mortal Combat still doing well plus a re-issue of Disney's The Fox and the Hound.

The remake of the French comedy La Cage Aux Folles, The Birdcage, did well and a film that hadn't done particularly well elsewhere, Mr. Holland's Opus, did very well here.

Mid term break was very good again with Twister, Mission Impossible and Flipper, with 5,000 admits.

In August, the Atlanta Olympic Games affected business. Whenever there are big sporting events on television such as the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and the America's Cup, business drops dramatically as everyone stays at home and watches.

ID4 (Independence Day) started in September and produced excellent figures and continued into the September school holidays and with Matilda and The Hunchback of Notre Dame another holiday of 5,000 emerged.

The normal drop-off occurred pre-Christmas with the worst week having an attendance of 294.

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