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History of the Regent Theatre: 1982

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1982 showed a similar trend, with no films of great merit. We had another New Zealand film called Battle Truck due to start on the Friday night. It was coming from Thames where the staff were unreliable and it did not arrive when expected. After a lot of chasing around we were told that there were two later buses and that the film was definitely on one of them. The Theatre was nearly full and I told the projectionist to start on time and get extra shorts to play until the feature arrived. The first bus came and no film. The second one arrived and still no film. I had to face the large audience and tell them what had happened and that we genuinely thought the film would be here to be shown. We put an alternative title (a James Bond picture that was on hold) on after interval instead and gave the patrons a choice that they could stay or have their money back or tickets for the next day when the film would arrive. To try and get a film on a Saturday was not an easy task either. When you managed to track it down, you had to personally meet the bus otherwise it would be over-carried and you would not get it until after the weekend. The film, without the Friday, only played for three days with a total of six sessions and 1048 people attended.

Chariots of Fire did quite well, getting 855 the first week and 351 the second.

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