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History of the Regent Theatre

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The Regent Theatre was opened on Saturday, 12th March, 1932, and has been operational ever since.

Opening and Early Years

Allan Webb at the Regent Theatre

Management was taken over by Allan Webb in 1973. In 1975, after extensive alterations, it was opened as the New Regent Luxury Cinema with 'The Towering Inferno'.

A second screen was added and the name changed to the Regent Twin Cinema in 1987 and a third screen in 1995 when it was to become the Regent 3 Cinema. Each auditorium had its own name: Cinema 1; Regent The Theatre Beautiful, Cinema 2; Cameo (the chandelier which is made from three alloys came from the Cameo Theatre, Auckland), Cinema 3; Empire, after Te Awamutu's first theatre.

A fourth cinema (the Lanzana Theatre) was added in 2003, and a fifth (the Empress Theatre) in 2005.

The pages below, written by Allan Webb, provide a fascinating insight into his time as manager. If you can spare an hour or so, start at the beginning and read it all—it's worth the effort.

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Special note: The Regent Theatre appreciates the help of Martin Records in acquiring movie posters and other memorabilia.