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Newsletter: July 2004

Hi Everyone,

It's time for a few changes at Te Awamutu Online. We have delayed sending out the July newsletter so we could bring you the very latest update. Unfortunately we don't have all the good news we would have liked to bring you, so instead we have some good news and some bad news. First of all the bad news...

Te Awamutu Online News

It will probably come as no surprise to hear that we have been struggling to provide regular news stories. News is a difficult and expensive service, which is why we have been encouraging the local community to help by providing stories. Despite our best efforts this has not happened - it seems that Te Awamutu people are not yet ready to take this step.

The TATV project is still an option for providing video news clips, but this project is on the backburner until someone comes forward with with funding assistance or sponsorship.

Recently we have been investigating other options for acquiring news stories. There may still be a chance that we can work something out with a local news provider, but at this stage none of our negotiations have been successful.

We therefore have no choice but to discontinue our news service. Effective immediately, we will no longer be publishing our own news or photo features. Exactly how this will affect the monthly newsletter is unclear - if we can find a solution to our news problem within the next month then we might be able to continue sending out the newsletter, otherwise the newsletter will become redundant.
Note: On the topic of the newsletter, the "Photo of the Month" has been discontinued due to lack of submissions.

We are very sorry to lose our news service. We have enjoyed it very much and we'll miss getting out and about with our cameras. Unfortunately we have to face reality and make some hard decisions in order to keep the Te Awamutu Online website viable.

i-SITE, on Gosrt Avei-SITE and Te Awamutu Online Combine Forces

This is much better news. We are delighted to announce that we are working closely with the Te Awamutu Community Public Relations Organisation (TACPRO) and the Te Awamutu i-SITE Visitor Information Centre to provide a range of better, more efficient information services. The i-SITE Centre will also be helping to fill the news gap by providing updates on various local events.

We will leave the details until next month, but we are confident that this is an extremely positive step forward.


We want to assure you that the Te Awamutu Online website itself is in no danger of closing. Our new relationship with the i-SITE Centre shows a lot of promise and we feel that Te Awamutu Online will continue to be a valuable resource for locals and visitors alike. We look forward to bringing you a positive update in the next newsletter.

See you again next month.

The Te Awamutu Online Team.