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Newsletter: February 2002

Hi Everyone,

First of all, thanks everyone who replied to last month's newsletter with suggestions and feedback. The good news is that the response was excellent -- the newsletter was posted at about 11:00pm and by 7:00am the next morning we already had half a dozen replies, with many more to follow. The bad news is that opinion seems to be divided over which features are most important at Te Awamutu Online. There really weren't any clear winners, although a number of you did mention having more photos available. Still, it's nice to know that so many different features are considered valuable.

We've decided that our next priorities will be:
(1) More photos. If you've got some good photos which you'd like to contribute, please let us know.
(2) Upgrading our "Free Homepages" section.
(3) Although news items weren't as widely-requested as we thought they might be, we are going to try to persuade more budding journalists to help us out this year.
(4) Later in the year we'll probably trial some on-line shopping. This will most likely be a few souvenir-type products.

Thanks again for your feedback. Remember, you don't have to wait for us to ask -- we value your comments at any time.

Heritage TrailWay back in March 2000 we told you about the new Kihikihi Heritage Trail project. Two years later it's now in the final stages of construction -- see the full story. Our on-line version of the walk is also nearing completion and you can take it here.

We've now got opening times and prices for the Swimming & Events Centre available here.

JetStream at last? The word is that Telecom is soon to upgrade the Te Awamutu exchange to allow for ADSL fast internet connections such as JetStream. Of course we've been promised this before so we'll believe it when we see it, but if/when it happens we'll be telling you all about it! For more information about JetStream, see www.xtra.co.nz/products or www.jetstream.co.nz.

Remember, this will probably only benefit people who live within a few kilometres of the town centre.

This Month's Featured Site: Pirongia Clydesdales

Pirongia ClydesdalesThe Pirongia Clydesdales are a familiar sight around Te Awamutu and the Waikato (in fact all over New Zealand). Find out about their history as the DB Draught Clydesdales, their new home at Pirongia and what they're up to these days: www.clydesdales.co.nz

See you again next month.

Dave and Richard.