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Newsletter: August 2001

Hi Everyone,

Firstly this month we're going to briefly break our "non-commercial" rule and have a blatant commercial plug for ourselves. We hope you understand!

We're very pleased to announce that we have launched own internet server and the ability to provide full website hosting packages. If you have a website, or if you're thinking about it, there are four good reasons to have your site transferred to Te Awamutu Online:

  1. We have very competitive rates - much cheaper than the "main players" such as XTRA.
  2. You'll get personal, local service and support with all the technical expertise of the big companies.
  3. We'll throw in goodies such as continuous free advertising at Te Awamutu Online.
  4. You'll be supporting a worthy local community project (and you can use this fact in your advertising campaigns).

It's very easy to to, in fact we can do it all for you. If you'd like more details, please contact us.

Now, on with the news....

LakeFor the first time in 50 years the Memorial Park lake is being drained and renovated. Half a century of silt and rubbish is a lot to clean up, but the task should be completed by Summer. Full Story...

The Little Theatre's production of "The Diary of Anne Frank" has been playing to sell-out audiences and receiving very favourable reviews. This is a major production for the Theatre and continues an outstanding year of success. Full Story...

Bike JumpingThe results for the 2001 "Top Pics" photography competition are now available, along with copies of finalist photos. The overall winner was Gavin Lodge for "Bike Jumping". Full Story...

This Month's Featured Page: All About you

At last, an answer to the question which has been bugging you for ages... "How much would I weigh if I lived on Venus?" Find out lots more about yourself that you never knew here.

Tips & Tricks on the Net: Back Up Your Favourites

Internet Explorer File Menu


Windows FolderHave you ever experienced the realisation that you've lost all your internet favourites? It usually happens if you re-install your operating system or have a serious hard drive failure. Whist you probably have backups of your important files, it's easy to forget about your internet favourites because they aren't stored in the same place as your working files.

It's a good idea to back up your favourites from time to time. There are two main ways to do this.

(1) In Internet Explorer, click on File > Import and Export (see picture on left). This will take you through a wizard which exports your favourites to a single file. To restore your favourites, go to the same wizard and select import instead of export.

(2) In your Windows folder, look for a folder called "Favourites" (see picture above). Simply copy this folder to your backup drive.

See you again next month.

Dave and Richard.