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Newsletter: March 2001

Hi Everyone,

Racing OuthouseThere were a few double-takes in the main street early this month as wheeled outhouses were seen whizzing by. See the full story.

Jim SullivanHistorian Jim Sullivan visited Te Awamutu recently to run a 4-day course in oral history technique. The visit was a huge success and the 16 course participants are now ready to begin adding to the local history archives. We're planning to make a selection of oral history recordings available at Te Awamutu Online at some stage in the future. If anyone is interested in contributing, please contact us.

The balloons are coming! Be at Anchor Park on Thursday 5th April to see a selection of hot-air balloons from the "Balloons Over Waikato" festival. From 2pm, the balloons will be setting up and running tethered rides (weather permitting).

Back here at Te Awamutu Online, we've made some much-needed upgrades to the DIY Homepages.
Help Button As well as a few new options, the Homepage "Site Manager" now features context-sensitive help buttons to provide assistance.

Last month the Te Awamutu Courier ran a story featuring Te Awamutu Online and some of the things we can offer. See the full story as printed in the Courier.


This Month's Featured Page: Postcards

We've finally added some new pictures to the Virtual Card Maker. You can now send an e-mail postcard which doesn't feature Santa Claus!

In addition, you can post a card, then return to the card creation page with your selections and text still entered. This can save a lot of time if you're sending a number of similar cards to different people.

Tips & Tricks on the Net: Can't Go Back?

Back Button in Internet Explorer 5Occasionally you may find yourself at a web page where your "Back" button doesn't work - when you click it you keep returning to the same place.

The most likely reason is that you have passed through a "redirection" page. This is a page which automatically takes you to a different location. You may not have noticed it happen - it can act very quickly or even be hidden from view. So now when you click the back button you are only going back to the redirect page, which in turn takes you to the new location again.

Despite the frustration, there is a simple solution. Instead of going back one page at a time, click the drop-down menu next to your back button. This will show you the last few pages you've been to. The redirect page will be at the top (but it probably won't be called "Redirect Page") - just miss this one out and click on the name of the page you really wanted to go back to.

See you again next month.

Dave and Richard.