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Newsletter: December 2000

Hi Everyone,

It's hard to believe it's a been whole year since our newsletter which talked of the impending Y2K situation. The first year of the Millennium hasn't been as eventful as some had predicted, but it's been an interesting one for Te Awamutu.

There's been plenty of controversy, most notably with the proposed Swimming & Events Centre (SECTA). There's been sporting success, including representation at the Olympics (Andrew Nicholson) and in the All Blacks (Bruce Reihana). There's been plenty of art and culture, especially in the highly successful Rose & Cultural Festival.

It's also been a tremendous year for us at Te Awamutu Online. This time last year there were several hundred people visiting this website each week. Now there are several thousand and the number is increasing all the time. Most of these visitors are local, but there's a surprising number from all over New Zealand. We also see a lot of overseas people dropping in.

We'd like to thank everyone who has assisted in so many ways - you've helped make this a true community website. Who knows where we'll be this time next year.

Two of the most controversial buildings in the Year 2000...
SECTA Te Awamutu Train Station
The Swimming & Events Centre -
Should it go up or not?
More Photos...
The Train Station -
Should it come down or not?
More Photos...

Send a Christmas CardThis Month's Featured Page: Virtual Cards

As promised in last month's newsletter, we now have a "Virtual Cards" feature in which you can send greeting cards from Te Awamutu to any e-mail address in the World. You make each card yourself, choosing a photo from our selection and adding your own message.

We hope to take some more Christmas photos over the next few weeks - if you have any ideas for good shots, please let us know.

Tips & Tricks on the Net: Kill That Music

Escape Key

If you visit a web page with background music that you don't want, hit "Escape" to stop it.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Drive safely, enjoy the holidays and we'll see you next year.

Dave and Richard.