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Newsletter: November 2000

Hi Everyone,

Opening Night of the FestivalThe Waipa Networks Rose & Cultural Festival was a huge success. The weather wasn't always the best, but strong support from the community resulted in good turnouts for most events.

We had a great time getting out and about each day, meeting people and taking photos. You can see our coverage of the festival here.

Next month we plan on having a new feature available - "Virtual Cards". You'll be able to send greeting cards from Te Awamutu to any e-mail address in the World. You'll make each card yourself, choosing a photo from our selection and adding your own message.
We'll begin by having a range of Christmas cards. If you have any ideas for photos which portray a local Christmas, let us know. We're currently negotiating with Santa and we hope he'll agree to pose for us.

Business ResourcesThis Month's Featured Page: Business Resources

This page includes links to websites which may be useful to businesses of any size. We'd like to develop this section and we're interested in any ideas for resources and links.

Tips & Tricks on the Net: Spam

No Spam

The fight against spam (unsolicited e-mail) is a difficult one, especially when so many spammers use dirty tactics. You may notice that some spams have a message saying you can remove yourself from the mailing list by replying to the e-mail or clicking a hyperlink. It's not a good idea to do so! This is a common trick to make sure that your e-mail address is valid - you may find that your spam gets worse once the spammers know that someone is reading it.

See you next month.

Dave and Richard.