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Newsletter: September 2000

Hi Everyone,

Big changes are in store for Te Awamutu Online!

Many of you will be aware that we are currently running this website from our base in Palmerston North. Although we visit our hometown of Te Awamutu regularly, this arrangement has become increasingly difficult. Te Awamutu Online is growing in size and popularity all the time and we can no longer do it justice from 400km away.

The good news is that next month Dave will be moving home to Te Awamutu and running the site locally. This will bring lots of improvements to the service we provide. We've got heaps of ideas and plans in the pipeline - you'll be hearing about them over the coming months.

During the next few weeks, you may find that we can't respond to your e-mails and submissions as quickly as normal. This is because we'll be very busy with the move. We apologise for any delays, but we're sure you'll agree that the end result will be better than ever!

We've had a number of people helping us test the new homepage feature, where you can create and update your own homepage. It's working well, but we still need your feedback! We'll be updating the Homepage Help section as soon as possible, and working on ways to make the whole thing easier to use.

This Month's Featured Page: Typing TestTyping Test

From the Fun & Games section - a short, simple test to see how fast you can type (in words per minute).

Tips & Tricks on the Net: Submitting Forms

Example Form


Forms are used for all sorts of things on the internet, from requesting information to purchasing goods. Te Awamutu Online has more than 30 forms spread around the site.

When filling out a form, it's important to realise that hitting your ENTER key may cause the form to be submitted - the same effect as clicking the "Submit" button. A common mistake is to fill out the first text box then hit ENTER, thinking that this will move the cursor to the next text box. In fact, this will submit the form prematurely. It's probably best not to use the ENTER key at all (the TAB key should move the cursor from one box to the next).

Note: Most of the forms at Te Awamutu Online are actually set up to treat the ENTER key as a TAB key, in order to avoid this problem.

See you next month.

Dave and Richard.