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Newsletter: May 2000

Hi Everyone,

It's been a relatively quiet month for new developments at Te Awamutu Online. We've been concentrating on the behind-the-scenes work which is necessary for a site like this. 

Our new street maps are proving very popular. Thanks everyone who replied to last month's newsletter with feedback and suggestions for this feature.

Is there anything missing from Te Awamutu Online? We rely on your input to improve and expand our site. We're at the stage where most of our sections are progressing nicely and now we're looking for ideas for new features. We take all submissions seriously and reply to every one, so please feel free to let us know what you'd like to see.

This Month's Featured PageClick here to visit the Kainga Aroha Homepage

At the inaugural TrustPower Waipa District Community Awards, Kainga Aroha collected two awards including the Supreme Award. These awards recognise the efforts and achievements of community and voluntary organisations.

Kainga Aroha has a very good homepage with lots of information about their services to the community.

Tips & Tricks on the Net

Viruses have been back in the news again recently - and the news has been all bad. They're getting nastier all the time. There are two important precautions which we've covered in the past:

  1. Use a good virus checker and keep it updated.
  2. Never open any attachment unless you're absolutely sure that it's safe.

This month we're going to point out an often-overlooked fact: Most of the viruses hitting the headlines have been made especially for Microsoft Outlook and MS Outlook Express. You can help protect yourself by using one of the many alternative e-mail programs ("clients") available. Here are two suggestions:

Get Eudora E-MailEudora E-Mail is a very popular e-mail client. There are free and commercial versions available.

Click here to visit the Pegasus Mail websitePegasus Mail is well worth a look. It's a free, New Zealand-made product with a solid history.

That's all. See ya!

Dave and Richard.