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Newsletter: January 2000

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the 3rd Millennium, which seems to have got underway without too much drama. The Y2K bug turned out to be toothless, the doomsayers were wrong again, and the world continues to revolve.

Te Awamutu people celebrated the New Year in a variety of ways. There were plenty of revellers in and around town having a great time. Low-key evenings at home were popular. Christians welcomed the new millennium with church family parties and prayer services. Naturally, many locals travelled to other places around the country.

Wherever you were, we hope you enjoyed the event and had the celebration you wished for.

What's New

We've been plugging away updating various parts of the site during the last month. Some of the more significant changes have been at the following pages:

Attractions Community : Sports
Fun & Games Community : Organisations

This Month's Featured Page

The Millennium Gallery

The New Year Goat (Photo by Helen Bovet)
The New Year Goat 
(Photo by Helen Bovet)

As we mentioned last month, we're setting up a gallery of images from the turn of the millennium. You can see our progress at this page.

So far the response has been "mixed" - lots of positive comments, but not much in the way of contributions. Lots of people have said that they would like to send us photos, but don't think they have any which are good enough. Please don't think like this! We're looking for photos (or videos) of anything at all to do with Te Awamutu: Yourself, your family, your house, your holiday, or anything else you can think of.

To submit your images, simply send them to us as e-mail attachments (please make them less than 2 MB in size). If you don't know how to do this, e-mail us or call us at any of these numbers for friendly help:
0800-20-44-36; 025-448-621 (Dave); 025-243-7837 (Richard).

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That's it for another month. Take care, and all the best for a happy new year.

Dave and Richard.

P.S. Watch out for our new advertising campaign in the Te Awamutu Courier!