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Newsletter: November 1999

Hi Everyone,

It's been another busy and productive month at Te Awamutu Online, with the overall size of our website increasing by about 25%. We've been making contact with lots of new people, and we'd like to welcome all those who've signed up for this newsletter.

We'd also like to offer a special "Thank You" to Liz Ryan and the staff of the Te Awamutu Visitor Information Centre, who have been extremely supportive of this project. The information supplied by them is helping us out enormously. 
Click here
to see the Information Centre's homepage.

What's New

Fun & GamesThere's something a little different at Te Awamutu Online this month - a new section called Fun and Games, which includes a collection of games and puzzles. These games are played directly from the website, and don't require any special software. We've given most of them a local feel, and we'll be continuing to customise our games to fit the Te Awamutu theme.

These games are all non-violent and suitable for all the family. In time, we'll be introducing various levels of difficulty, to make this section more fun for all ages.

This Month's Featured Page

Parents Centre  

The Te Awamutu Parents Centre homepage was put together by Penny Hooper. The central focus of Parents Centre is for parents to have informed choice on all parenting issues. All centres run a range of parent education programmes, provide support for a range of parenting issues, and hold special interest seminars. Parents Centre is also about parents meeting parents in a supportive environment, via playgroups, coffee mornings and a wide range of social functions.

Tips & Tricks on the 'Net

Yes, it's that time again.....

This election has had one noticeable difference from previous years - the inclusion of the internet. Almost all major parties are advertising their websites, so the voter can (theoretically) have easy access to party policy information. 

Click here to visit the Elections website

The official Elections Website is well worth a visit -- you can even check your enrolment details online!

Here are some of the major political party websites:

ACT www.act.org.nz
Alliance www.alliance.org.nz
Christian Heritage Party www.chp.org.nz
Future New Zealand www.future.org.nz
Green Party of Aotearoa www.greens.org.nz
Labour Party www.labour.org.nz
Libertarianz Party www.libertarianz.org.nz
NZ National Party www.national.org.nz
New Zealand First www.nzfirst.org.nz
The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party www.alcp.org.nz
The Natural Law Party www.naturallaw.org.nz
United New Zealand Party www.united.org.nz


Thanks again for your support of Te Awamutu Online. Remember that we rely on your input, so please tell your friends about us and keep the information and pictures coming in...

Dave and Richard.