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Stunning entrance added to town’s sculpture park

SCULPTURE Park ‘founders’ Mary Webster and Linda McFall unveil the plaque at the base of The Panels. TC231008CA05

FLASHBACK: the area before the Sculpture Park was developed. TC231008SP01


A special addition to the Millennium Sculpture Park was unveiled last week.

It was fitting that the honour was given to Mary Webster and Linda McFall as they were two of the original Keep Te Awamutu Beautiful team members who instigated the development of the park as a way of celebrating the new millennium. Mrs McFall says the area adjacent to Albert Park had been left overgrown, wet and boggy after the bypass was constructed.

‘‘We had a vision to create a park with sculptures, trees and seating for the community to enjoy - this became our Bridges 2000 project.’’

Over the past eight years the area has been further developed with plantings, seating and of course some wonderful sculptures. ‘The Gate’ by Richard Page, ‘Nurturing’ by Fred Graham, ‘The Sounds’ by Jan Shirley and Les Roa have now been joined by the latest creation, ‘The Panels’ at the entrance to the park.

The concept was created by Sonia Frimmel and Natalie Douglas, while the concrete panels were constructed by Wayne Wrathall and John McFall. Ms Frimmel says the sculpture reflects our landscape.

‘‘The volcanoes of the Alexandra Lineament are along the top, while the waterways of the Waipa are beneath them. The broken edges represent the sculpturing effect of rain and wind, while the impact of human endeavour is represented by the transition from forest to farm.’’

The panels were formed in concrete by Wayne Wrathall from a polystyrene template. Finer finishing details were added before the sculpture was installed on site.

It was blessed at the opening ceremony by Charlie Maikuku after being unveiled. Current KTAB president Annette Johnson finished the ceremony by handing over the park to Te Awamutu and the greater community.

‘‘We hope that current and future generations will enjoy this lovely park with their friends and family.’’

CONCRETE ‘artist’ Wayne Wrathall (left) watches as kaumatua Charlie Maikuku blesses The Panels. TC231008DT09