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150th Celebration for St Johns and St Pauls

Old St Johns Church
Old St Johns Church

Locals and visitors to Te Awamutu joined St Johns Parishioners this weekend to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Old St Johns Church in Arawata Street and St Pauls Church at Hairini.

These churches are regarded as the most important historic buildings still standing in the district. Their construction and the missionary work of John Morgan were at the heart of Te Awamutu's development in the 19th Century.

A visual display in the parish lounge captures much of the church's life, with pictures, photos and historical records spanning the 150 year period. The display is open to the public until Friday 23rd April.

Services were held on Sunday at both churches - 10:00am at St Johns and 2:00pm at St Pauls. A luncheon was held at the Trust Waikato Events Centre between services.

The St Johns service was held simultaneously in both Old St Johns and New St Johns, with a live video feed linking the two. The sermon was delivered by the Right Reverend John C Paterson and as address was made by Dame Silvia Cartright.

Above: Visual display in the parish lounge, prepared by Delyse Storey.
Simultaneous service in Old St Johns and New St Johns.

Simultaneoue Church Services

Below: After the morning service the congregation mingled at St Johns before attending a luncheon at Trust Waikato Events Centre.

A video was produced covering the day, including highlights from both services. The video costs $25 and can be ordered from:

St Johns Parish Office
PO Box 38
Te Awamutu