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Extreme Outdoor Show to Impact on Te Awamutu

Story Provided by Steve Searle

SkaterExtreme skateboarding, Pacific fire dancing and superhuman stunts are among the performances in a world tour show that is to be staged at Te Awamutu racecourse on March 1, 2, 3.

Impact World Tour (IWT), with 200 performers plus support crew, began its New Zealand tour in Gisborne late January and is three months on the road visiting 15 cities and 35 towns.

Te Awamutu will host the show over three nights and an audience of up to 2,000 a night is anticipated, based on similar venue attendances. Admission to all performances is free.

Teams of IWT performers will be visiting Te Awamutu College and Te Awamutu Intermediate on Monday morning, prior to that evening's first show, to demonstrate what they do on stage.

Originating from the United States but featuring performers from different countries, IWT has performed in parts of the USA, Canada, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Brazil and India.

Three separate performance groups will come to Te Awamutu.

GX International is a team of skateboarders, BMX riders, hip hop dancers and freestyle riders and they perform on Monday night (March 1) on a purpose-built stage at Te Awamutu racecourse.

On Tuesday night, a vibrant performance is presented by Island Breeze musicians and dancers from nine Pacific Island countries as well as New Zealand.

The final night, Wednesday, sees Team Xtreme perform strength feats and stunts such as shattering concrete bricks and blocks of ice with bare hands, blowing up hot water bottles and snapping steel handcuffs.

Some venues outside the main centres have limited the event to one or two nights but an organising committee in Te Awamutu began planning in mid-November for the full show. It had to provide a venue and stage, advertising, security, on-site support, hospitality for the crew and other requirements.

Organising committee spokesperson Lynda Hitchcock says the event is “more than a show”.

“The performers are daring and brave people, mostly young and wanting to demonstrate their attitude to life in a way that young people understand. They’ve got huge energy and skill,” says Mrs Hitchcock, who is the Waikato region project manager for NIWA.

The performers and support crew freely give their time on tour but such an event incurs other major costs.

“It is a big commitment but we are two-thirds of the way there. We considered there would be enough community support to not only raise the funds but also to help run this major community event,” says Mrs Hitchcock.

She says further offers of support can be made by phone or fax to the Te Awamutu Bible Chapel office at 871 8667.

Teams of volunteers from local churches are helping in support roles on the night of each performance.

The event is not in the grandstand at the racecourse and those wanting to sit are advised to bring rugs. Alcohol is not permitted at the event.

Immediately after Te Awamutu, IWT will perform for three nights at Waikato Stadium in Hamilton.