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Trucker to Perform Reunion Gigs

Waikato band Trucker will be reforming to play two shows in February, coinciding with the release of their retrospective EP "Wasted In Heaven". The 10 inch vinyl EP was recorded at the last Trucker session in 2001, with one track from their first session.

Trucker features ex-Te Awamutu musician Jamie Stone as singer, guitarist and lyricist. All line-ups of the band will be playing at the reunion, taking advantage of the uncanny opportunity that every member will be in the country.

Gig dates are:
HAMILTON, Saturday Feb 14, Diggers Bar, w/ Cortina and Grande Cobra.
AUCKLAND, Sunday Feb 15, Kings Arms Tavern, w/ Slavetrader and Grande Cobra

TruckerTRUCKER - Bio

TRUCKER (formed in 1997, active through till 2001) were a powerhouse of big Kiwi alt/rock/pop/noise. A supergroup of Waikato musicians, TRUCKER were instantly a prominent name in the underground/student radio scene with hits such as "SCARY BIMBO", "INFECTION", "UP YOUR TEMPO", "VATICAN" and "HI-ACE". Appearing on numerous compilations, TRUCKER released their debut album "JUDE" on FACE Records in 1999.
Now in 2004 TRUCKER are reuniting for two dates to celebrate the release of a 10 inch vinyl e.p. release; "WASTED IN HEAVEN E.P.", on (THE DATSUNS own) Hellsquad Records and FACE Records.

Self described as "intelligent big dumb rock", TRUCKER blended American indie-rock, Kiwi Flying Nun aesthetics, early New York punk and "My Sharona". Twin guitar solos being the key component of any TRUCKER song, they were always on the rock side of pop. TRUCKER taught many a Hamilton band how to play LOUD.

TRUCKER had considerable success live, playing with such acts as The Hellacopters, Shihad, The 3D's, Dead Moon and Loves Ugly Children. They played the infamous "SWEETWATERS" festival; on 'GROUND ZERO' television show; New Plymouths "Mushroom Ball"; and in 1998 won the UFM Battle of The Bands.

TRUCKER's pedegree is evident in various members past and present projects, the most notable of course being Dolf de Borst (aka de Datsun) as bass player/singer with THE DATSUNS. Other bands with TRUCKER connections are The Hollow Grinders, M.S.U., The Nerve, Book of Matyrs, King Biscuit, Scooter, Swamp Goblin, and Calamari Bushmen to name a few.

The various lineups of TRUCKER included:
Jamie Stone : vocals, guitar
Stan Jagger : guitar
Dolf de Borst : bass
Paul Tregilgas : drums
Terry Edwards ; drums
Paul Oakley : bass
Julian Smith : guitar

Reviews for "JUDE" album:

"Everytime someone puts this on I hear the opening bassline and jump up to turn it up"
NZ Musician

"A solid piece of raw rock"
Rip It Up

"Lively vocals, wicked guitar solos and driving basslines"
NZ Musician