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Record Number of Building Consents Issued

Building and real estate are running hot in the Waipa district. Following a period of fairly low housing activity, demand is again on the increase.

The total number of building consents issued in December 2003 amounted to 125 with a total value of $8,706,755. This included 34 new dwellings.

During the corresponding month the previous year 82 consents were issued for a total value of $5,163,419 including 13 new dwellings.

The total number of consents issued for 2003 was 1479 with a total value of $95,149,904 including 299 new dwellings.

The total value of all consents at $95,149,904 is a record amount for the Waipa District and is well ahead of the previous year's record of $81,603,506.

In the last 10 years the value of building work carried out per year has increased by 110%.