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This story appeared on the front page of the Te Awamutu Courier on Tuesday 1st April 2003. If you have trouble reading the story, it's printed below in plain text form. Reprinted by kind permission.


Kihikihi residents are baffled by strange goings on in the village overnight.
At a few minutes past midnight on April 1, a large bolt of lightning seemed to hit the clock tower, although there is no visible damage evident today.
At the same time witnesses saw a 1985 DeLorean speeding south on Lyon Street.
One old timer estimated the car was doing about 88mph.
He described the car as being extremely modified, including what looked like a home-made flux capacitor.
The car vanished in a flash, leaving only a trail of flames.
A lanky man, wearing white overalls and with a shock of long white hair was seen running from Lyon Street.
Officials believe there will be many more reported strange sightings today around the world and recommend members of the public should keep their sense of humour.
Sightings can be reported to www.aprilfool.com.