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‘REAL’ The 3D/CD CD/Rom

This story was provided by Marc Dawson of Studio 555

The Real CD‘REAL’ The 3D/CD CD/Rom, produced by Marc Dawson, Studio 555. Serial no: NZPATAPP505513.

An instant classic, REAL the 3-D/CD CD/Rom is a CD Masterpiece consisting of a handful of separate production projects. It would make a very interesting Christmas present.

Real consists of 17 Live Sound recordings, 3-D photography, a music video, a 3-D movie and a 3-D slide show.

There are 13 CD playable tracks. The compilation consists of 5 Waikato bands - Whisperscream, The Plant People, Ezy Street, Bitumus and Tetnus.
All tracks were recorded live direct to stereo from the mixing desk during performance at venues in and around Te Awamutu. You will hear wide open rock ‘n’ roll. This is how it sounded on the night. Most of the tracks are a blend of the recording from the mixing desk and of the sound of the room at the venue. 13 of the tracks are originals, 8 being their first release and there are 4 covers.
Whisperscream, Bitumus and Tetnus each made a CD release in the 1990’s. The Plant People (featuring Te Awamutu Online producers Dave and Richard Owen on drums/bass guitar) were popular in the central North Island and were based in Te Awamutu and later in Palmerston North.

17 audio tracks can be played on your PC and can be selected from an on screen 3-D list of Audio Events.
There is a 2-D video, that is to say, a regular CD/Rom music video of Tetnus Live, but the glory of ‘REAL’ is the 3-D movie, ‘THE GARDEN.’ The opening scene is without sound as a tribute to the era of 2-D black and white silent movies that once played at the Empire Theatre.

The quality and clarity of the Anaglyphic 3-D is best demonstrated in the 3-D slide show. Its full screen images consist of iconic features and landmarks that celebrate a theme of leisure and entertainment. Included are images of the venues at which the Audio Events took place.
Each CD comes with a custom made viewer. This enables the CD cover art, slide show and movie to be seen in 3-D.
And there’s more! The last slide image invites you to check out the REAL website for more 3-D.

Anaglyphic Contrast Balance (ACB) is the state of the art in 3-D imaging and is an exiting new vehicle for the promotion of recording artists and the music industry and for internet display. This contribution to 3-D imaging and photography is an improvement on existing prior art. (ACB) enables 3-D images for print, monitor, TV or projection with improved bright register with dynamic and balanced contrasts that are perceived in colour with near total extinction of the opposing eyes view. Contrasts from the full spectrum are perceived within each colour channel through the coloured viewers. Other embodiments of the Patent involve apparatus for the production and display of 3-D images. An Electro-optic/anaglyphic embodiment enables full colour to each eye without the strobing associated with electo-optic shutter LCD viewing. One embodiment termed ‘Quadrascopic’ enables the concurrent perception of both vertical and horizontal parallax. Another embodiment enables a choice of two 3-D programmes from the one image signal where unaided viewing with full colour to each eye is also achieved.

The New Zealand Patent office has sealed and granted a letters Patent to Marc Dawson for ‘Method and Apparatus for producing Anaglyphic 3-D Images’ There are Patents pending in Australia, the UK, USA and Canada.

When living in Santa Monica in 1998 Marc researched three-dimensional technology and systems at the Patent depository in downtown Los Angeles. Being familiar with the form and structure of Patent documents, he was able to write his own specification and claims. Licencing may be pursued with James and Wells attorneys Hamilton.

Lauch Day at the Empire
Marc Dawson demonstrates (ACB) technology during the launch at the old Empire Theatre.