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Boxing Day Races at Pirongia

Story by Tayla Hancock-Owen, Age 10

On a sunny hot day at the Pirongia Racecourse was the big Pirongia Boxing Day Races.

As I walked through the Pirongia Golf Course filled with people picnicking and young people getting drunk I smelt the hot-dogs and chips and saw Mr Whippy serving yummy ice creams. The hot sun beat down on my back. I watched young guys sitting on couches on trucks drinking beer and laughing like loons.

When I heard Darren Tyquin (the commentator) shout over the speaker "Now folks it's race number six" I rushed up the stairs to the big lookout with my Dad and got out my binoculars. After the race I saw a guy jump up and down saying "Look, I won! I won!". He was talking about the bets.

I walked back to our picnic looking at people playing cricket and rugby. I kept on counting the races 6, 7, 8, 9, there were 10 in all. I looked over the lookout at all the people - there were about 10,000 people there. Heaps, aye?

After a while I talked my Dad into going on the mini-jeeps, one of the many rides and amusements.

Then I heard Darren Tyquin again "Now it's the 10th and final race!". So while my Dad went off to take photos I went to look at the lookout. After ten minutes of waiting for a horse to go into the gates the race started and everyone was going crazy.

The races had ended so we went home. There was a carpark concert after the races but I didn't stay for that. This was the first time I have ever been to the Pirongia Races but it was the 132nd time they have put it on. Personally I think it was great and I'd like to go again. So if you haven't been before, here's some advice: Go next year - you'll love it. It's great!

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