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Waipa Local Government
Election Special


To find out more about the candidates, see Candidate Profiles.

Mayoral Candidates Final Count
LIVINGSTON Alan David 6,730
COOPER, Ronald James 4,018
PARLANE James Charles Morris 2,646


Pirongia Ward (2 members) Final Count
SHARPE Diane Louise 1,394
THOMAS Bruce 1,204
CLARKE Roger 925
SCOWN Bryce Ross 644


Cambridge Ward (3 members) Final Count
ALLAN Patricia Cameron 2,742
LEE Peter Leonard 2,388
TARANAKI Barbara 2,245
MCLENNAN Janet Marie 1,780
LAKE Howard 1,776


Maungatautari Ward (2 members) Final Count
COOPER Ronald James 980
WEBBER Grahame 786
WATT Derek James 529
STONE Julian 363
MOODIE Peter 272


Te Awamutu Ward (3 members) Final Count
PARLANE James Charles Morris 2,218
SIMMONS George William 1,900
NEWLANDS Errol 1,757
HALL Ngaire Linette 1,586
DEATH Richard 1,291
LEE Stephen 1,283
PAUL Richard 953


Te Awamutu Community Board (6 members) Final Count
TAYLOR Dean 4,194
DERBYSHIRE Gary George 3,718
NEWLANDS Errol 3,661
BARNES Hazel JP 3,647
MARTIN-PAGE Carol 2,869
LEE Stephen 2,705
PLOWRIGHT Robin 2,511
TWIDLE Ronald 1,493


Waikato Regional Council (Environment Waikato) (1 member) Preliminary Count*
Barry O’Connor 9,711
Bruce Milne 1,679
* Note: Environment Waikato never did respond to our repeated requests for the final count figures. However, the results do stand.


Waikato District Health Board - South Waikato Constituency (2 members) Final Count
GLOVER, Alison Helen 9,427
MALPASS, Cedric Paul 4,198
WIKAIRA, Rea Geoffrey 3,758
GLENNIE, Ian Cedric William 3,154
STURGEON, Beverley Rae 3,101
BARNES, Edith Hazel (Hazel) 3,072
BEER, Trevor Martin 2,529
TROUGHTON, Gail Rosalie 2,468
LAUBSCHER, Linda Audrey 2,316
SYCAMORE, Yvonne May 2,295
JOHNSTON, Louise Jeff 2,253
MARU, Lynn Okeroa 2,004
ANDERSON, Lorraine Erana M 1,801
SEARLE, David Bruce 1,386
VAN EDEN, Ella Marlene 1,361
ROZENDAAL, Cornelia 1,287
MACMANUS, Joan Maureen 1,183
STEWART, Margaret Jan 1,087
CAMPBELL, Caroline Anne H 725
CAREY, James Patrick 692
GAVIN, Kevin James 667

The Inaugural Waipa District Council meeting was held on the 23rd October 2001, at which Peter Lee was elected Deputy Mayor.

Congratulations to all successful candidates!

Election Booklet

Background Story: Election a First

This election, for the first time, candidate profiles were distributed with voting papers to assist voters make their selections. The profiles were in the "Instruction Booklet & Candidate Directory" pictured left.

The profiles were also available right here at Te Awamutu Online -- see below.

This initiative was made possible by recent law changes regarding Local Government elections. Alison Hall, Waipa Electoral Officer, has been working with the Society of Local Government Managers to draft new legislation which came into effect in July this year.

"The Local Electoral Act 2001 replaces the outdated Election & Polls Act 1976 which was geared toward booth voting." says Alison. "The new act is much more flexible. The election process is now governed by regulations rather than legislation, meaning that changes are easier to make. In the the future elections are likely to use telephones, the internet and other technologies. We need to be able to adapt."

Traditionally Waipa has had a below-average voter turnout for local elections. Alison hopes that the new regime will encourage more people to vote by helping them to be more informed.