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Waipa residents had a second opportunity to inspect progress on the Trust Waikato Events Centre and swimming pool project at today's open day. A steady stream of visitors between 11am and 2pm paid a gold coin donation on entry, which was added to the fundraising total.

Currently the project is about 60% complete and is well on target to be finished by the beginning of November. It has now reached the stage where it is possible to get a perspective on how the facility will look when completed. The main Events Centre building has been largely completed pending the arrival of the sports floor.

Much of the construction work in the last few months has been concentrated in the swimming pool area. The bleacher-style seating area has been installed and overlooks the main pool and beach area. The swimming pool was fitted in June and tested for leaks (of which none were found). Tiling of the pools is now underway. The next few months will see the interior fitted out, the events centre sports floor laid and construction of the amenity block completed.

View from corner of Mahoe St and Churchill St

Events Centre

Morning tea for supporters Checking the plans

Leisure pool and hydroslide

Learners and therapy pools

Leisure pool


View from Gorst Ave

Te Awamutu Events Centre Trust

The Trust comprises seven members who have overseen the project, including the fundraising.

Donations are still being taken as the fundraising process continues, and if you would like to make a further contribution to the project, you are invited to contact one of the Trust members listed below or, alternatively, post your donation to SECTA 2000 Fundraising Campaign, PO Box 418, Te Awamutu. Larger donations can be spread over three years.

Trust Members:

Merv Gyde 07-871-3272   Alan Empson 07-871-7737
Ray Miller 07-871-6154   Peter McCullough 07-871-5040
Robin Plowright 07-871-4173   Grant Wilks 07-871-4448
Dee Knowles 07-878-5044