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Weber Bros Circus

Circus with a difference came to town this week and took over Selwyn Park (behind the Visitor Information Centre).

Weber Bros has produced a show entitled "Illusions" which incorporates much more than the traditional mixture of circus acts. It's a complete fairy tale centred around the evil Zork and the efforts of 2 clowns to end his reign of terror.

There are still the obligatory circus elements - magic, acrobatics, animals (uncaged), slapstick humour and scanty costumes. The show also includes puppets and princesses, ghouls and goblins, and the largest animated creature ever featured in a Southern Hemisphere live show (the fire-breathing dragon pictured right). There's even a guest appearance from Star Wars' Yoda.

Performers have been recruited from all over the globe for this New Zealand version and the result is truly international standard.

From here the circus is heading to Ngaruwahia (14th - 17th) and Orewa (20th - 24th). The production travels for approximately 2 years, after which a completely new show will be produced for the next tour.

Circus Montage

Haley Mitchell
Haley Mitchell

This circus has a special local connection: High-flying Haley Mitchell is originally from Te Awamutu.

22-year-old Haley has a starring role with her incredible aerial and trapeze acts. Her gravity-defying antics are of the class you'd normally only see on television.

4 1/2 years ago Haley answered a newspaper advertisement to join the circus and has never looked back. Without any previous circus experience, she learnt her art on the job. "Pretty cool" is how she describes circus life - a lifestyle she is happy to continue with for a long time yet.