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TAOL in the Courier

The Story below appeared in the Te Awamutu Courier on Thursday February 15th 2001.

TA Online Expanding

TE AWAMUTU Online co-developer Dave Owen is ready to help people get their groups and organisations in the Internet.

Te Awamutu's community website, Te Awamutu Online (www.teawamutu.co.nz), is poised to expand during the coming year.
The site was created by Dave Owen and his brother Richard.
"It is intended to be a general resource for all members of the community, and also to make information about Te Awamutu available to the rest of the world" says Mr Owen.
"It is available for all community groups and businesses to take advantage of, and we offer all the assistance necessary for anyone to do so".
More importantly, the service is free for individuals and community groups.
The brothers were raised in Te Awamutu, attending local schools and being active in a number of community organisations, such as TALOS and Te Awamutu Brass.
Until recently they were resident in Palmerston North, where they had formed Wavelength Media, providing television and broadcasting expertise to clients such as TVNZ, TV3 News and the TAB's Trackside Channel.

However, Mr Owen has now moved back to Te Awamutu with the intention of developing the community website and taking it to the next phase.
Te Awamutu Online features information about local attractions and community organisations, a public discussion forum where anyone can chat or have their say about local issues, a local history section and a free local business directory.
"We welcome all information regarding the community and its events" says Mr Owen.
Material can be emailed to [link removed] or faxed to (07) 823 6522.
Mr Owen considers the potential for Te Awamutu Online to be very exciting. "It raises many opportunities", he says.
"Individuals can create their own personal or family homepage, businesses or community groups can create their own web pages, discussion groups or mailing lists, and even kids pages, where children can join clubs and submit art and writing".
In future Te Awamutu Online will provide a historical record of our town.
By archiving the website each year, people in the year 3000 will be able to see a snapshot of Te Awamutu at any point in the previous millennium.
"Te Awamutu Online offers a variety of things to individuals, community groups and businesses" says Mr Owen.
"It's a chance for Internet beginners and experienced users alike, and we are here to offer assistance when needed. We see it as another way of bringing the community together, so of course it depends upon the community to keep it happening.
"Most people are involved with some kind of community organisation, be it a school, playcentre, kindergarten, church, sports team or hobby group."
"When your group next meets, discuss what you would like to have on your own webpage, then contact www.teawamutu.co.nz or phone (870 1966).