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Epworth Camp
By Tayla Hancock Owen (Age 8)

On the 17th of April to the 19th of April Kainga Aroha went to Epworth Camp.

The flying fox was heaps of funThe boys and girls cabins were separate. The girls had three cabins, but only used two. The boys had three cabins and used three cabins. One girls cabin had ages 7 to 9 girls stay in it with two leaders. The other had age 10 to 14 stay in it with two leaders. Two boy cabins had age 10 to 14 boys in it. One cabin had two leaders and the other had one. The other cabin had age 7 to 9 in it with one leader.

At night the people played spotlight. There was a swimming pool and it was really cold. There was a mini-golf and a hall where you could play volleyball and play the piano and also jump on the trampoline. They had a flying fox there and on the first day they had games on the back field. They had crafts, including making kites, making shadow boxes, pokerwork and plaster of paris.

The food was very nice and on the last day of camp we had pizza for lunch.

Camp was AWESOME!!!

Mini-golfLinda helps Krystal with her canoe training
Nellie shows the kids how to make a kiteTayla and Jessie Rae flying their new kites