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2000 - 2004

In the early years of this website we published occasional news stories, typically a few dozen news articles per year. Some were written by us, some were contributed by local people and organisations.

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2004 - 2008

In August 2004 we began publishing the Te Awamutu Courier in PDF format. For several years we also provided web page versions of the lead story in each edition, mainly for those who couldn't download the PDF files. We discontinued the web page versions at the end of 2008 as they were no longer necessary. The web page versions are still available below but we recommend the Courier PDF versions instead (you get the whole paper instead of only one story).

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As of January 2009, all news archives are in PDF format at the Courier home page.

Monthly Newsletter (1999 - 2007)

Te Awamutu Online News was a monthly newsletter than ran for eight years, providing general news about Te Awamutu and this website. In 2007 it was discontinued in favour of RSS feeds.


You can find a selection of local news video clips at TATV (around a dozen videos per year on average).