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Bad call could have been fatal

Courtesy of Te Awamutu Courier
Crash Scene
ROADHOG: A 50-tonne crane was required to remove the crashed truck from Waikeria Road on Monday afternoon. The road was closed until 7pm. 179071AD

By Colin Thorsen

A middle aged couple and their five-year-old grandson are lucky to be alive after the driver lost control of a truck, carrying four tonnes of rubbish, on Waikeria Road on Monday afternoon.

None of the occupants of the Waste Management truck which crashed were wearing seat belts, Te Awamutu Police say.

The accident happened on a straight stretch of road at approximately 3.15pm. The driver over-corrected after the lefthand wheels left the road, travelling towards Waikeria Prison. The truck veered across the road, smashed into a bank and came to rest on its side in the middle of the road - blocking both lanes.

Acting Sergeant Mark Strongman said the young boy was incredibly lucky to ‘pop out’ of the cab onto his two feet on the road, with only a bump to the head. His grandparents were a little battered and bruised, suffering minor injuries. All three were taken away by St John Ambulance for medical attention.

There were seat belts available for the driver and passenger but not even a seat, let alone a seat belt for the child.

“He should not have even been in the vehicle at all,” Sergeant Strongman told the Courier.

The driver will face charges as result of the incident.