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Bite victims want action

Courtesy of Te Awamutu Courier
Luke, Dre and Ariana Pakeho
DOG bite victim Dre Pakeho (2) with parents Luke and Ariana. 130071AD

By Dean Taylor

Parents of dog bite victim, two-year-old Dre Pakeho, cannot understand why the dog that hurt their son is still alive.

Luke Pakeho had been playing rugby league at Albert Park on Saturday and was still in the showers when his son was bitten by a large dog belonging to an opponent.

His wife Ariana rushed to her son’s aid, not realising he had been bitten in the face until she saw the blood as she pulled him from under the ute.

Dre had been playing rolly polly with other children and had rolled under the vehicle. The unrestrained dog jumped off the ute and bit him.

Initially the concern was for Dre, and the couple tried to find a doctor, but having recently returned home from Australia didn’t know there would be none on duty. An ambulance was called and Dre went with his Mum to Waikato Hospital where he was sedated and required four internal and 10 external stitches to the cheek. He needs ongoing treatment to prevent infection and it will be about 18 months before the family know if the scars will be lasting.

Mr Pakeho says when the fuss died down a bit he realised the offending dog was still sitting on the ute.

The couple believe it is simple - the dog attacked their child, it should have been put down straight away. They believe the owner’s girlfriend had already been warned to take the dog off the park property, but only left it untied on the back of the vehicle. Mr pakeho says if the owner had followed instructions, nothing would have happened.

Police and Waipa District Council became involved and the dog is currently impounded awaiting a decision. Council say the matter is still with Police and a meeting will take place today to see if there will be a prosecution or other enforcement action taken.

The Pakehos say that is not good enough.