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New plan for old house

Courtesy of Te Awamutu Courier
Kihikihi Historic Police House committee members
KIHIKIHI Historic Police House committee members (from left) Hazel Barnes, Max Quirke, Peter McCullough and Andrew Kay on site at the historic precinct. 040071AD

By Dean Taylor

Kihikihi’s historic Police House could become a focal point of heritage for the village if a keen group of local residents get their way.

Waipa councillor Hazel Barnes has led the way for the house to be established as a historic centre alongside Temple Cottage and the Kihikihi Jail. She says it will add to the historic precinct and complement existing heritage initiatives.

A group of about 10 key people have been forming a plan for the house, and keeping close contact with Waipa District Council. Mrs Barnes says the group is keen to see the potential of the police house realised. She says they have also had discussions with other groups in the village, and their concepts have tremendous support.

Key steps from now are to identify other keen people who wish to be involved in the project, create a conservation plan, create a management plan, form an incorporated society, undertake analysis, market the concept, negotiate a lease contract with Council and investigate funding.

Mrs Barnes says the house needs little work as it is already in good condition. She says the property can be developed to reflect its new role, and already a local landscape and nursery company has offered to assist in the creation of a heritage garden.

Mrs Barnes says the potential for the precinct is very exciting for the village, and she would like anyone interested in being part of the project to contact her on 870 1924.