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Town wakes to new flags

Courtesy of Te Awamutu Courier
WAIPA Networks linemen Chris Harder (top) and Stephen Cullen install one of the last sets of new Te Awamutu flags in Alexandra Street. 293051AD

Another important stage in Te Awamutu Alive’s drive to liven up the town has come to fruition.

Waipa Networks linemen installed the last of the town’s new flags yesterday morning. The company donated the manpower and machinery to put up new crossbeams and flags.

The bright yellow, red and blue ‘Rosetown Te Awamutu Flags’ have been received enthusiastically by the public.

The design is the work of a group from Te Awamutu Alive, with assistance from New Zealand Flagmakers.

The group secured grants to fund another 12 crossbeams, allowing for a total of 48 flags to now be flown, and extending them out of Alexandra Street and into Sloane and Arawata Streets.

The new flags are now visible on all three of the town’s three entrances and signal a new vibrancy for Te Awamutu. They will be flown throughout Scream Rosetown Festival, which runs from November 4-20, then be replaced with a new set of 48 Christmas flags for Te Awamutu Alive’s Christmas Spirit 2005.