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Hot time in old hall

Courtesy of Te Awamutu Courier

Life According to Dave DobbynBy Dean Taylor

“You’re the first venue to sell out, so we’re going to give you something special,” Dave Dobbyn told the faithful at Kihikihi Town Hall on Sunday night. And he did.

It wasn’t a perfect performance, evident by the amount of self imposed ‘fine money’ on the stage at the end of the show, but everyone had fun and the old hall was rocking like never before.

Dobbyn, and his rhythm section of Ross Burge and Bones Hillman, delivered a back catalogue of hits from Th’ Dudes, DD Smash and a solo career into its fourth decade, interspersed with some of the new ‘Available Light’ material.

It wasn’t just the music we enjoyed either, we got a bit of the world according to Dobbyn.

The band tried their hand at a bit of improv as well, but this early on the tour that didn’t really gel. When it could have, Dobbyn admitted he forgot what song he was trying to segue into.

But when Dave said sing, we sang, and when he said stand, we stood. Then we all went into the cold night, happy.

Dave's Band