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Kawhia family well connected

Courtesy of Te Awamutu Courier

The Taylor FamilyWanida Taylor and her husband ‘TK’ have their hands full with not only toddler triplets, but also a tourism business that they run from their Kawhia home.

On Friday they found out they are among 25 households who will participate in Xtra and HP’s ‘Connected Lives’ programme.

Each household will receive an Xtra Broadband connection, a home wireless network and the latest HP technology worth up to $6,000 in total.

More than 8,000 households signed up to be part of Connected Lives, from which 25 households were chosen after an extensive selection process.

Mrs Taylor says her two boys Tainui and Tokomaru and her daughter Aotea, who will turn two on July 15, are incredibly difficult to keep up with.

She says that dealing with two toddlers at once seems manageable with two parents, but a third child can sometimes feel left out of cuddles and sometimes that doesn’t go down too well!

Mrs Taylor moved to New Zealand two-and-a-half years ago from Thailand and is keen to participate in Connected Lives to improve her technology skills to make her and her children’s lives better.

“Connected Lives brings 25 New Zealand households together in a unique community to showcase how Xtra Broadband and the latest HP technology can enrich the lives of everyday New Zealanders,” says Chris Thompson, head of Xtra. “We expect to learn an enormous amount from the programme about what motivates people to adopt new technology and how it can enrich their everyday lives.”

Andrew Seerden, head of Consumer and Director Imaging and Printing Group at HP agrees. “Connected Lives will allow the participating households to develop their skills and confidence using technology, and experience how leading technology in everyday life can help them enjoy more.”

The households also include TV presenter Petra Bagust and her family, and cover a wide cross-section of New Zealanders. The programme begins this month and will end in August. Each month, participants will undertake one major and two mini challenges that will extend their use of the technology and encourage learning. Participants will also keep an online diary highlighting how the technology is affecting their lives. The rest of New Zealand will be able to share in their stories, vote on their performance and learn from their experiences by visiting a purpose built website at www.xtra.co.nz/connectedlives.

Mrs Taylor says that she will use the technology for everything from gathering information to write a book to collecting cooking recipes. Mr Taylor is already familiar with technology and runs his own website www.kingcountry.co.nz, while his wife says she just knows the basics around Microsoft Word, Excel and how to use email. Both would like to grow their business and are hoping Connected Lives will give them the skills to do so.

For more information go to www.xtra.co.nz/connectedlives.