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Anzac Green ‘stake in ground’

Courtesy of Te Awamutu Courier

Nicky Samuel at Anzac GreenBy Grant Johnston

Local landscaper Nicky Samuel made her plea for Council to retain all of Anzac Green more tangible on Tuesday.

She hammered in stakes and painted a white line to show how much of Anzac Green the proposed Vaile Street realignment project would remove.

Mrs Samuel is well acquainted with Anzac Green - having chosen it as the subject of a special study as part of her Diploma of Landscape Design and Technology at Wintec.

She has twice made submissions to Te Awamutu Community Board on ideas for developing it. She believes passionately that the existing area should be retained as public green space.

“It is a real asset to the community - a wide open green area that people enjoy in many ways daily, from appreciating the magnificent trees to sit under and grass spaces where we can play games, have picnics, or just take a breather from the busy-ness of work,” Mrs Samuel says. “This is space that young and old, now and in the future, can enjoy and benefit from. We are lucky that we have a unique green space located close to the centre of town within walking distance of most of our amenities - it has seats, trees and space to spread out on.”

Mrs Samuel says the Council proposal would utilise 21% of Anzac Green’s 5582m2, cutting 27 metres into it at the widest point and removing all of the trees except two on the western boundary.

The land is designated Reserve Land under the Waipa District Plan and is currently governed by a management plan, which is currently being re-written. The current plan states that no part of the reserve shall be used for parking or roading.

Anzac Green was set aside by the Town Board in the early 1900s and at the insistence of the then mayor, Leonard (L.G.) Armstrong, was to be retained as Reserve Land.

“In the Waipa District Plan, the War Memorial and surrounding land is classified as being protected by the Historic Places Trust, who will require notification of any proposed significant developments,” Mrs Samuel says.

Council has to go through the Resource Consent process to proceed with the proposal, currently in the public consultation phase.

FOOTNOTE: The stakes were removed by someone after about 24 hours, but Mrs Samuel planned to replace them. See rationale behind Vaile Street realignment proposal, page 3 of today's Courier (PDF).