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Army goes back to school

Courtesy of Te Awamutu Courier

Pekerau School students may have sat nicely as three New Zealand Army Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV) rolled into school Friday, but they didn’t hold back when invited to get a closer look at the military machines.

Sergeant Steven Snookes arranged the visit and got the chance to catch up with his three children Samantha, Jesse and CJay who are all students there. His wife Teresa also took the time to catch up with her husband who has been away for two months.

Sergeant Snookes is regular Army and a driver instructor on the LAVs. He and the other instructors had taken trainees to Cape Reinga to rack up the road miles. The six were travelling back to Waiouru from Auckland and three took time out from the trip to pay the school a visit.

Sergeant Snookes says Army recruiters often arrange visits to high schools, but younger children hardly ever get the chance to get so close to the machines.

Below: PEKERAU School students clamber for the chance to explore an Army Light Armoured Vehicle.