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Gearing up for big weekend

Courtesy of Te Awamutu Courier

Grant GrahamCredit

Kihikihi Speedway has commissioned a magnificent new trophy to mark its 50th Anniversary celebrations this weekend.

The ‘Golden Helmet’ is a superbly crafted 46kg trophy that would lay claim to being one of the most impressive trophies anywhere. It features a 24 carat gold sculpted helmet and ‘golden arches’ (recognising the special relationship between Kihikihi Speedway and its principal sponsor of the past 14 years McDonald’s). These are mounted on a handsome wooden base.

The trophy will be contested in a different class each year and the winner immortalised by having their 3-D image sculpted in bronze and attached to the trophy.

In 2005 it is the TQ section that will race for the trophy - with the winning driver in the David Jones TQ Feature to be raced on the Sunday afternoon the fi rst to be immortalised.

The sculpting work for the winner will be done by Tatiana Kalnins of Kea Creations who sculpted the golden helmet and golden arches. She is a tutor at Waikato Art School.

Metal work was done by Advanced Plating and Polishing, involving George McKechnie who was responsible for repairing axe damage to the America’s Cup.

A New Zealander, he is one of just a few master craftsmen in his field in the world. The base and plugs for moulds were built by Furniture by Mecchia (Waikato Turnery Ltd), involving master craftsmen Jim Mecchia and his son, Gavin.

Accompanying the trophy is a scroll, the Deed of Competition, that will have all the information pertaining to the trophy, heritage and competition.

Kihikihi Speedway is getting a couple of presents for it’s 50th, air-conditioning in the officials box and a Victory Lane, but it will the spectacular trophy that will garner most attention at this weekend’s celebrations.

Check out the eight-page Kihikihi Speedway 50th Anniversary Celebrations liftout [PDF, 3.4MB] inside today’s issue. It’s chock-full of interesting photos and articles.