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Petitioners want trucks out

Courtesy of Te Awamutu Courier

PetitionBy Dean Taylor

Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce presented its petition asking for heavy traffic to be banned from Alexandra Street to new Te Awamutu Ward councillors Graham Jull and Hazel Barnes yesterday.

The petition states: ‘We the undersigned request that you, as our elected representatives, take action to remove all heavy trucks from Alexandra Street during the hours from 7am until 6pm’.

It was signed by 640 people over the past two weeks from locations in the main street environs.

It is the Chamber’s hope that this expression of condemnation of heavy trucks using Alexandra Street will not be lost on Council.

Councillors Jull and Barnes say the petition gives them something to ‘sink their teeth into’. They congratulated Chamber president Chris Smith and CEO Michael Cox for collecting such a good number of signatures from residents and businesspeople.

Cr Jull says it is great to get input from the community and Council would like positive suggestions from all residents on how to achieve a solution to this problem in the near future.

The councillors agreed that a short term solution was needed until the Western Arterial Route could be completed.