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World’s best set to rock TA

Courtesy of Te Awamutu Courier

ChuganautBy Dean Taylor

Tony ‘Nail’ Vincent plays in front of his hometown crowd with his world champion band Chuganaut and two other championship finalists this weekend.

Fresh after winning the inaugural finals of the World Battle of the Bands competition, Waikato band Chuganaut, Hong Kong’s Audio Traffic and Australian winners Lump play just one of two live shows at the Rose & Thorn on Saturday night.

Fourth finalist was the all-girl American band Jaggedy Ann.

Last Saturday night’s final saw Chuganaut take the stage last and inflame the crowd with what has been described as their most outstanding and polished performance to date.

The ecstatic crowd promptly rose to the occasion showing tremendous enthusiasm and support for the home band.

Heads bobbed and arms flailed in the air in synch with every beat as the cheers and chants of ‘Chuganaut’ echoed around the room.

Chuganaut send a big thanks to all their fans, especially the group that went on the coach to the final and formed the core support for the band on the night.

The band formed in 2002 from the nucleus of covers band Signs of Life.

Te Awamutu born ‘Nail’ Vincent started playing guitar 15 years ago and it became his life and dream when an injury ended his wrestling career. He plays with attitude and keeps his rig simple with Gibson guitars, Marshall amps and plenty of volume. Nail has played with The Sunshine, Supermen and Ms Kitty and for a while managed Cambridge Metallers, Psyclops.

‘Stu’ Rice is Chuganaut’s singer and guitarist. His passion for music shines in his songwriting abilities. He began his music career as guitarist with covers band The Y FronTs, then stepped forward, found his voice and started singing lead.

Drummer Lynley ‘Lil’ Alderton says she wanted to be in a band ever since her Barbie dolls and GI Joes performed on a coffee table in front of the stereo. She got her first drum kit when she was 14 years old and joined a band straight away. At the age of 16 Lil started playing in pubs with The Y FronTs, which also featured her brother Ryan.

Last to join Chuganaut was bass guitarist ‘Munro’ Goodwin. He picked up a guitar in his first year at high school and has never looked back. The first band he joined was VD, and he has since played with Mexican Red, Bitumus, The Fabulous Farrelly Brothers, Ward 19, World War 1V, Wittch, Any Excuse and Johnny Fist.

Members acknowledge their diversity, but say they share a musical vision. Their style has been described as rock, alternative and twisted metal and their live performances are fast becoming legendary.

As part of their prize package for winning the New Zealand and World battle of the bands, Chuganaut record two singles. The band has also produced its first music video and has a debut album due for release next year.