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Sculpture Park

Sculpture Park

Location: Albert Park Drive. Off-street parking is available.

Originally opened in 2000 for the Millennium celebrations, Sculpture Park is an ongoing project to build a collection of interesting sculptures in a picturesque setting with trees, open spaces and seating.

This park is also the starting point of the Pioneer Walk. The walk begins across the road (Albert Park Drive) and heads towards the Rose Gardens and War Memorial Park.

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The Sculptures

The Gate

The Gate (1999)

By Richard Page



By Fred Graham

Sculpture of Sound

Sculpture of Sound (2003)

Concept by Jan Shirley, construction by Jemoal Lassey.

An interactive installation that enables visitors to experiment with sound. Especially popular with the kids!

The Panels

The Panels (2008)

Concept by Sonia Frimmel and Natalie Douglas, construction by Wayne Wrathall and John McFall.

β€˜β€˜The volcanoes of the Alexandra Lineament are along the top, while the waterways of the Waipa are beneath them. The broken edges represent the sculpturing effect of rain and wind, while the impact of human endeavour is represented by the transition from forest to farm.’’ - Sonia Frimmel

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