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Te Awamutu Rose Gardens

The Rose Gardens

"I have been to over 60 countries and I believe the Te Awamutu rose gardens to be amongst if not the best in the world"
- Eion Scarrow (Presenter of the New Zealand Television programme "Dig This")

The rose gardens attract thousands of visitors every year. There are over 2500 rose bushes, with more than 50 varieties, flowering from November to May.

The variety shown below is the "Te Awamutu Centennial".

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"Te Awamutu Centennial"

The fountain (designed by Fred Graham) depicts a flight of birds landing on brown water through raupo stalks and mist.

The Fountain

History : During the Waikato Wars of 1864, the grounds were the site of a military constabulary.

The rose gardens were established in 1969, as a Jaycee project in conjunction with numerous community groups. They were officially opened by the Governor General Sir Arthur Porritt, and were featured as part of the 1971 Inaugural World Rose Convention held in Hamilton.

An 8-page supplement was published in the Te Awamutu Courier on 3rd November 1969, detailing the development and future plans for the rose gardens. Called "The Te Awamutu Rose Garden Gazette", it's an interesting insight into life in Te Awamutu at the end of the 1960s.

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