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Pioneer Walk

Walkway into the park
Beginning of the walk on Albert Park Drive, opposite Sculpture Park.

Pioneer Walk is an easy stroll through some of the best scenic spots inside the town boundary. The walk begins at Sculpture Park on Albert Park Drive and runs alongside the Manga-o-Hoi Stream. You can choose to go through the Rose Gardens or continue the riverside walk, but either way you end up at the War Memorial Park. From there you can continue past the netball courts to Eileen Montefiore Reserve on Racecourse Road. This section of the walk totals about 1.6km.

UPDATE (August 2012): An extension is currently being added to the Pioneer Walk. We will update our maps when this has been completed, but at this stage you can add the following directions:


The original Pioneer Walk was completed in 1963, connecting the Rose Gardens to the War Memorial Park. It was constructed by the Te Awamutu Rotary Club in memory of early Te Awamutu pioneers. In the 1970s Mr Russell constructed the second part of the walk from the Memorial Park to Racecourse Road as a gift to the community. In the early 21st Century an additional stretch was added from the Rose Gardens to the new Sculpture Park. Paving was also added to most of the walk, along with additional signs and seating.

The walkway
Map of Pioneer Walk
Note: You can also see the Pioneer Walk overlaid on the map at Virtual Te Awamutu.