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Following Te Awamutu Online

On the Internet there are many ways to "follow" a person or organisation. In most cases following means subscribing to regular updates posted by the person being followed. For example, you can subscribe to someone's blog and be automatically notified whenever they post a new entry.

You can follow the Te Awamutu Online website (and the team behind it) in these ways:

Blog: Our blog provides notifications of important updates to the website, and occasionally other Te Awamutu-related information we think is of interest to our audience. Visit the blog and add it to your browser's favourites.

RSS Feeds: RSS feeds are a way to subscribe to content that is regularly updated. For example, you can use an RSS feed to subscribe to a blog. We have a bunch of different feeds available depending on your particular interests.

Facebook: Facebook is a hugely popular social networking site where you can find and keep in contact with friends. You can also join groups and become a fan of just about anything. If you use Facebook (or if you'd like to give it a try), visit our Facebook page and become a fan!

Twitter: We haven't really used our Twitter account yet but we do have some ideas about how it could be used in future.