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Funny Feedback

We often get a chuckle out of feedback we receive. The following quotes have been taken from messages posted in our feedback form, with names changed to protect the innocent. Remember, these messages were deliberately typed into our feedback form, they are not simply misdirected emails. Please, although these messages do lighten up our day, try to be a little more helpful when you fill out our feedback form!

Feedback Quote: What we'd like to say:
"My email has changed" Really? In what way?
"Your Te Awamutu web site is great but not very good." Thanks. But not.
"Where is my grandmother buried?" It would help if we knew her name, or your name for that matter. In the meantime our best guess is the cemetery.
"Please update my web site." Which website? How? Who are you?
"I had assumed that your web page would have a photo of my friend John Smith. I haven't seen him for a long time and I want to know what he looks like. Please fix this problem." Good grief.
"I just bought a new Champion mobil home, I would like to get the bedroom doors and walls more sound proof, with that that type of installation that is blown in with a tool that you drill a hole and blow it in. Can you help me find someone here in Corbin KY?" We don't know where "Corbin KY" is but we don't think it's in New Zealand. Oh and by the way, we construct websites, not mobile homes.
"I travelled all the way to America to see my friend. I want to show him what my house looks like. Now I am here and there is no photo of my house." Actually we'd be happy to take a photo of your house and email it to your friend, even though you didn't say please. Unfortunately you didn't tell us which street or house, or supply any contact details.
"I made up a graphic of my domain name ... The text is about 28 pt., RED with White letters ... Can you help please? Thank you." Huh?
"We have been trying to go into the competition for the prize packs as shown on the good morning show but it keeps coming up AWOL could you please put us in the draw." No, unfortunately we can't.
"We are plastic surgeon in iraq we would like to have training course in your college please inform us." We don't think Te Awamutu College has a plastic surgery department, but we can ask if you like.
"Where is the site? Come on put it back. I would like to find old school friends and have a chat ty. Yes i went to school in Te Awamutu in the 60"s." The website hasn't moved, in fact you used the website to send us your message.