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Community Calendar

The Community Calendar is provided for events which take place in the Te Awamutu district, or have a direct relevance to local people. You can use this form for one-off events or regular scheduled events. Please note the conditions at the bottom of this page before filling out this form.

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Details of Event:
Name of Event:
Enter the dates(s) of the event. For regular events such as monthly meetings, enter something like "First Wednesday of every month".
If possible, please include start and end times for the event. The end time can be approximate.


Start time:

End time:

Event Details:


  1. This calendar is only for events in Te Awamutu and the immediate surrounding districts (i.e. the coverage area of the Te Awamutu Courier). Hamilton and Cambridge are not included in this area.
  2. Both non-profit and commercial events are permitted, as long as they have a genuine community interest.
  3. Events will be added to the calendar at our discretion, as time permits. Please don't leave it until the last minute to submit your event - we can't guarantee turnaround time. Ideally you should fill out this form at least a month before your event.
  4. We reserve the right to judge the appropriateness of all submissions, and to edit material as we see fit. If you are unhappy with the way we present your material, please contact us.
  5. Please DO NOT USE ALL CAPS when entering your information. If you do, we will write back and ask you to fill in the form correctly.