Clock Solitaire Instructions

Play Clock Solitaire

Version 1.00 (Jan 13 2000) Copyright © 2000 Andrew Pipkin


Instead of placing all cards in the deck in suit stacks, the goal in clock solitaire is to move every card to a pile corresponding to its rank. The deck at the center of the layout is considered the "hand", while the other twelve stacks represent the numbers of a clock face. The card on the top of the center stack is turned up and is moved to the stack corresponding to its rank. Jacks are at the 11 o'clock position, queens at 12 o'clock, aces at 1 o'clock, and the kings is at the center. The moved card is placed face up at the bottom of its new stack, and the card at the top of the receiving stack is turned over and moved to is appropriate stack. This continues until all four kings have been found or the game is won. Clock solitaire is entirely mechanical with victory solely determined by the shuffle.

Moving Cards

Since there is only one possible source stack, the card at the top of that stack is automatically highlighted. Clicking on a stack will attempt to move the card at the top of the highlighted stack to the clicked stack.


Clicking on these buttons will perform the following actions:

New Game
Begin a new game after shuffling the deck
Automatically move the selected card to its appropriate location
Complete the current game.


Version 1.0 (2000/01/13)
First public release